BRouter: online version

Here's an online version of BRouter to enable you to do some route calculations quickly. Map is worldwide, the Map-Snapshot date is about 2 days before the timestamp of the routing data files found here

Concurrency is very restrictive, one session kills the other, so there's always priority for short distance calculations (<100km). Feel free to calculate longer distances, but be aware of long processing times and be prepared that you will be interrupted and have to retry.

Hint1: if you get an error message from the "View Route" button, try the "Download GPX" first and you will probably see the real error message.

Hint2:For long distances (>200km in regions with high OSM-density), use the "Download GPX", save locally as ".gpx" and use a TrackViewer manually, because "View Route" has an even more restrictive timeout and you would have to recalculate to save your result.

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Thanks to the owner of for making his track-viewer available, almost free of ads. The Location picker used above shows annoying ads and uses google maps and is just provided for convenience. Best is to pick from an OSM map - use e.g. and transfer the coordinates manually into the form.

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None of the profiles provided meet your needs? No problem: use one of the sample profiles as a template, change it to your needs, paste it into the textbox and press the upload button.

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