BRouter: Via-Points and NoGo-Areas

BRouter can process via-points and nogo-areas, and brouter-web offers on online interface to edit both of them.

For offline use, nogo-areas can be defined as wayoints using a special naming convention. Handling of via-points during offline use depends on the mode of operation, see the README for details.

NoGo-Areas are forbidden areas. In fact, these are areas, not points, with a default radius of 20m around the given point. Every way that is touching this disc of 20m radius is excluded by the routing algorithm. But the radius can also be specified: a waypoint "nogo" default to 20m radius, but "nogo100" defines a nogo area with 100m radius. Theres no limit in radius, so you can also exclude a whole geographic region with a single nogo-area.

Nogo areas are useful if you encouter an obstacle that is not contained in the underlying map. But they can also be useful in planning alternative routes by excluding e.g. a certain bridge or ferry

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